Joanna Wildy

Joanna Wildy has been a practising osteopath for 25 years. She has a BSc in Genetics.

Joanna has lectured and examined at undergraduate and postgraduate level, both in the UK and abroad as well as overseen the osteopathic course content of one of the major colleges in London. She is currently a member of the teaching faculty at the Vienna School of Osteopathy. She is also a member of a study group (EvOst) founded in Belgium. The aim of this group is to gain a greater depth of understanding of living systems through the study of Phylogenesis, Ontogenesis and Complexity.

Joanna has published articles written for the UK osteopathic profession ( Her ultimate aim has been to influence the UK Osteopathic profession to broaden the scope of thought and practice by exploring science beyond the parameters set by orthodox medicine.

Osteopathic Medicine, in its intended format, revolves entirely around the Laws of Nature - as observed by AT Still, the founder of Osteopathy.

Joanna initiated a book series by inviting osteopaths from all over the world with expert knowledge in fields other than osteopathy to write a small book that would become part of the series. The aim is to build a broad spectrum of knowledge across many fields relevant to osteopathic thinking. Many questions regarding the Laws of Nature remain unanswered. Osteopaths holding the factual knowledge combined with the acquired palpatory and observational skills of living systems is a potent combination and could potentially help answer some of those questions.

Hence the book series.