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published 11/2021
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Paul Crichton

Mind and Morals – Philosophical Explorations

This collection of thought-provoking and practically orientated philosophical articles deals with the mind-body problem, cognitive function, ethics, politics and the nature of the external world. This is philosophy which is far removed from pure abstraction, and helps us to think about how best to live.



Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple
about 1600, El Greco (by permission of the National Gallery, London)

El Greco's painting "Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple" (circa 1600) illustrates one of the negative effects of commercialization discussed in the chapter on the "Social and Political Implications of Individually Distinctive Self-Realisation" in "Mind and Morals". There it is argued that individually distinctive self-realization involves discovering and acting on what we, as individuals, care about, and that one of the things we care about is justice. The Temple is valued by those who go there regularly as a place of worship of God, and its use as a commercial space detracts from this value and thereby does the worshippers an injustice. Moreover the goods which are sold there may include some which only the rich can afford, and this would create an injustice for the poor.