2nd edition
ca. 384 pages
ca. 120 illustrations
Softcover, 19,6 x 27 cm
ISBN 978-3-973324-47-1
EUR 84,95 inkl. Mwst.
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Ingrid Wancura-Kampic

Segmental Anatomy – The Key to Mastering Acupuncture, Neural Therapy and Manual Therapy

More and more doctors and therapists trying to get a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of pain syndromes are able to find that understanding in the segmental innervation of the body.

With this book you will be able to recognize the correlations and projection phenomena of pain based on segmental innervation: illness and dysfunction of internal organs are projected to the corresponding dermatomes, myotomes and sklerotomes of the body, where they cause pain and muscle tension.

  • Segmental anatomy provides a theory of acupuncture rooted in the philosophy of Chinese medicine with a sound scientific basis
  • Images refresh the anatomical and neuroanatomical knowledge to understand segmental phenomena
  • Drawings depict the correlations in detail
  • Clearly structured layout, which facilitates the reading of this complex subject