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published 1/2012
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Robert Schleip

Fascial Web Posters

An anatomical chart and also a work of art in its own right!

There are three different designs, with posters A & B (left and middle) designed to work in concert with each other. If may have limited wall space Poster C (right) was created which contains elements of both A & B.

These posters are ready to be framed and printed on high-quality photo satin finish paper.

Poster A shows a full size “fascia man” in dynamic motion with the emphasis on fascia rather than muscle. A tensegrity structure floats on the left against a background of connective tissue “warp and weft”.

Poster B has 9 different illustrations including the fascia man, lumbodorsal fascia, the deep posterior leg compartment, abdominal “belt” and features this quote from Thomas Findley: “Fascia forms a body-wide tensional network which envelops and connects every tissue and every organ. It defines our shape and allows us to move efficiently and with fluid elegance.”

Poster C is a hybrid of both designs, featuring the full body fascia man and 5 images from poster B.

Poster A, B and C from left to right