1st edition 2019
104 pages
ISBN 978-3-948442-05-7
to be published 01/2021
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Karin Irshaid

The Wedding Feast (ebook)

The story begins seductively: A woman cooks an Arabic meal with several courses. In a monologue that is interwoven with highly sensual descriptions of the preparation of the food, it unfolds a complex network of relationships on different narrative levels.

Stories are told that are related to concrete political events. The topics are as old as they are current: expulsion from homeland, loss of family, or of life, the difficulties of a new beginning, weddings which create connections, and reconciliation.

The story was completed before the recent political developments, but the title “ The Wedding Feast” and the description of the individual courses of the meal already suggest a reconciliation round the big table.

(Translated into English by Paul Crichton and Christl Kiener)