Pia Huber about "Bridging the Gap"

Hamid Montakab's book 'Bridging the Gap' draws you into a fascinating read as soon as you open the front cover. With 20 years in the making but harking back to 3000 BC this book gives an immensely valuable in depth description of the working tools of acupuncture, namely the body energetics, the primary channels, the acupuncture points and the extraordinary and secondary channels – all underpinned by Chinese and European, especially French, acupuncture texts through the ages as well as the author's 40 years practice.

The book is beautifully laid out. Countless figures and excellent anatomical drawings illustrate the text. Each channel is presented on either a male or female figure drawn much more life like than in most other points books. The point description is extensive, but concisely presented and includes a comprehensive list of alternate names. Actions and indications give invaluable advice for applications.

A substantial part of the book is dedicated to the extraordinary channels, which includes an excellent description of these channels as well as case studies. This treasure of knowledge and experience is completed with an extremely valuable glossary.

In short a book not to be missed in any acupuncturist's tool box.

Pia Huber, London