Paul Crichton about "Integrity through Gravity and Tensegrity" (Kulenthran)

Raveen Kulethran’s „Integrity through Gravity and Tensegrity“ is a short, but compelling account of how the forces described in physics, especially gravity, can enable us to understand how Rolfing may be applied to harmonise these external forces with the forces within us.

The chapter on tensegrity shows how the myofascia of our bodies, when attuned to gravity, can be manipulated to achieve an optimal state of tension to make us feel grounded and able to relate positively to our environment.

This book is unique in its use of fundamental principles of physics to explain the effects of Rolfing on the human body and mind, in a way which is both readily understandable, and avoids oversimplification.

Paul Crichton
Munich, November 2018