Vera Biagioni

Qualified Shiatsu practitioner, coordinator for Italy for the Samurai Program. She lives and works in Pistoia, Italy, currently working as a teacher in a secondary school.

After her Master Degree in Italian language and literature with a specialisation in Media studies, she worked in Rome in the filming and TV industry up to 2008 for the nationwide broadcast all news SKYTG24 channel and other entertaining channels. She then moved to Tuscany in 2010, to manage an English language private school until 2015.

She began studying and practising Shiatsu in 2000 and strongly believes Shiatsu is not just an healing art and discipline through the treatment of our energy channels, it is the way to a wonderful never-ending journey towards ourselves and the discovery of our soul. The Samurai Program and all its applications are the best way to improve her pedagogical practice and help children to be happier at school and with themselves.